Ed Sheeran at Concert Canada, Vancour, on August 23th.

Ed on the cover of Vibe Magazine!

Ed on the cover of Vibe Magazine!


I make music girls fall in love with but I’m not the typical ‘teen idol’ girls would fall in love with.


ed sheeran - multiply era + videography so far 

i keep forgetting about this blog but if any of you guys want to keep up w me and what not you can follow my personal!! it’s http://rewritinq.tumblr.com

Lol u probably dont care but i didnt know who tosay this to and u seem rly sweet so here goes..,,, i hate blood so i dont cut and ive never, but i like touching rly hot things until my fingers feel like they are about to burn, and i love to get ice until my skin feels numb. Does that count as self harm or just me being masochistic? Lol sry this is stupid

(it won’t let me tag triggers on mobile sorry) hi hi! i’m not sure if you’ll see this bc you’ve probably sent this a while ago but anyways: I’m not a doctor at all nor am I an expert in self harm etc but I would say that if you’re unhappy you might want to consider getting help/telling someone you trust before it becomes something worse. also I would say that hurting yourself in any way purposely would be considered self harm, it doesn’t necessarily have to be cutting. please stop hurting your pretty little self my friend and i’m always here if you need me (and thank you for calling me sweet)

Hey I saw you got VIP passes to the today show and just wondered where you were with those passes? Did it just get you a bit closer to the stage?

Oh hey! Sorry I haven’t been on this blog in a while but I got them because someone in my family works at the today show and we were in the very front for sound check. For the actual show they picked people and put them right next to the stage so we were a bit further back but we were in the closest barrier thing to the stage.

yeah i hope so! all my friends on other social medias have gotten over being annoyed with me and are just starting to help hahahah! AND ALSO CONGRATS ON FAN PASSES!

thank you!!! I’m so excited :) and yes that’s good!! Those kinds of contests are hard but I believe in you!


Almost two years ago I met Ed Sheeran briefly at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. I was there because I am sick. Not dying sick, just sick. I was diagnosed with a genetic chronic illness (Ehlers Danlos Syndrome) the day I met Ed and then a few months later diagnosed with a second (POTS). Now…

vote for her you guys she’s so nice and deserves it so much

i got vip passes to the today show i love everything ALso i mighy throw up


Ed Sheeran - The Man [Official Audio]